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Improving customer satisfaction

At Artemis Insurance Brokers, we want to ensure that: 

  • We consistently provide insurance products and services that meet the needs of our customers;
  • Our customers are aware of the implications of the Insurance Act and their responsibility to provide information;
  • Our customers understand the service we are providing and our arrangements for dealing with their insurance;
  • We satisfy the requirements of our regulator the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).  


It's all about simplifying the insurance buying process for our customers. 

Firstly, we'll speak or meet with our clients prior to the renewal of their insurance programme to see if their insurance requirements have changed. We'll then communicate these changes to the existing insurer.  

Before any renewal invitation is sent to our valued customers, the renewal email/letter, renewal policy documents are checked by another member of staff. We do this to ensure that not only has the customers' demands and needs have been met, but also that our customers understand exactly what they need to do to renew their insurance policies with us. So what does this involve?

Once the insurers' renewal terms are received, we look at whether the risk needs to be rebroked to other insurers and capacity providers to ensure our customer is getting the best deal in terms of the cover provided and the competitiveness of the premium(s). Once this exercise has been completed, it's then time to offer the renewal terms to our customer - this is standard practice within the industry. 

"What isn't standard practice and is a real Artemis Insurance differentiator" is that once the renewal invitation/report is ready, another member of the team carries out the following checks:

The terms being proposed to the customer continues to meet their demands and needs and that all relevant insurers have been approached;

The customer has all the required documentation to be able to make an informed decision which usually includes:

  • Policy/Renewal schedule;
  • Statement of Fact;
  • Summary of cover;
  • Policy Wording;
  • Terms of business (this is provided so customers understand the service we are providing and our arrangements for dealing with their insurance);  
  • Explanation of the Insurance Act 2015 and how this affects customers (we've been providing guidance on this since July 2016) 

The renewal invitation/report for the customer is correct and clear in respect of:

  • The renewal date(s) for each policy;
  • Any changes to their demands and needs;
  • Any remarketing exercise and the results;
  • Any new insurer(s) being proposed and the reasons why;
  • The recommended policy(ies) meet their demands and needs;
  • All relevant documents (see above) have been provided;
  • The risk address (es), sums insured, limits of indemnity, policy excesses, and significant warranties/clauses, cover restrictions and enhancements;
  • Defining how we act in arranging the policy(ies) and deal with claims;
  • Recommendations for other insurance covers they may not currently have but need;
  • The amount payable (this will include Insurance Premium Tax, any VAT if there's Engineering Inspection cover in force and any fee charged by us or the insurer/capacity provider);
  • Payment options;
  • How to renew their policy(ies)

"Another Artemis differentiator is that once the policy has renewed and the premium has been received, a member of the team (not involved in the handling of the renewal) will undertake an internal audit of the file. A similar process is undertaken for all new customers." 


  1. We continually provide our customers with high quality products and services that they desire;
  2. We become more efficient, reduce errors, get it right first time and maintain a high standard of service delivery;
  3. We comply with the requirements of our regulator, the FCA.

RICHARD J. CLIFFE - Sales & Marketing Manager

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